About us

The Mistykh (miss-teek) brand, founded by artist Ne’Chelle Straughter, was created to inspire artists of all forms and to promote the beauty and mysteries of the arts in its entirety. Artists usually have the power to captive their audience by displaying their extraordinary gifts; the allure of a painting, the melody of a song, a captivating emotion in a play or film, or even the magic behind a choreography. The energy from an artist is fed off an emotion that he or she may not always be able to explain. Many artists use their scars and personal stories to bring their works to life and that is the muse behind the Mistykh brand. Artists do not always get the respect from society they deserve because many see the art world as a pointless field. Many deem artists as failures who will not make a reasonable living striving to make their passion a career choice. Mistykh is a reminder to society and to artists everywhere that art is life! Each genre of art is a gift from God to inspire and to uplift the soul. Art is everywhere and you can’t kill it.